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SBIPR Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company specializing in the personal and corporate investigation. Since its establishment, the company has been maintaining a good track record while gaining the trust of their clients. The founder with years of experience in this domain can solve many complex cases with confidence and attentiveness. Being an expertise in investigation, he can fulfill the requirement of his clients with an array of services which includes:


1. IPR & BRAND PROTECTION: Creating a strong brand is not easy. However, protection of the brand from any type of threat, resulting in damaging business reputation is more difficult than creating the brand. SBIPR Solution Services Pvt.Ltd. is a well-known name in BRAND PROTECTION Arena.You can rely on our team for the complete protection of your business brand from any threat. A well-disciplined system is used by our team to collect evidence and information for our clients that are required for legal interactions.

2. VERIFICATION SERVICES: Trusting is thenfirst step in building a relationship with an employee or vendor. However, this might be risky without proper verification. Whether you needb Pre-Post Employment Check, post-raid verification, SBIPR SolutionbServices Pvt. a trusted name and you can ask for any of your verification need.

3. MARKET SURVEY/GREY MARKET EVALUATION: Identification of the fake or forged goods or the import of goods in an unlawful way via Grey Market channels is what we excel in our SBIPR team. Evidence supporting such practices is gathered with the aim of helping brand owners to take proper legal actions against such steps.

4. IPR INVESTIGATION: A business includes several things and Intellectual Property is one of the most valuable assets. This includes licenses, reputation, creativity, etc. Security experts at SBIPR offer discreet IPR investigation with the help of reliable networks and other collected information. Our experts excel at identifying forged retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers or illegal importers.

5. ENFORCEMENT ACTION: SBIPR Solution Services Pvt. well experienced in conducting enforcement actions across India. Depending on clients requirements, our specialized investigation team provides maximum benefits to the brand owners or clients by customized solutions.


6. SUPPLY CHAIN/AUDIT/INVESTIGATION/MANAGEMENT: Supply Chain Management involves a smooth flow of goods and services and also several chain partners. If at any point, any chain partner is involved in illegal operations for some incentives, it becomes a major concern.This can lead to billions of losses for a business. To stop such unlawful practice and to avert such business loss, our team works hand in hand with the supply chain team.

OUR COMMITMENT: ‘Customer satisfaction’ is the priority of SBIPR Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. Using cutting-edge technology to detect and solve complicated cases from different geographies within stipulated time is the best part of this certified and reliable Company. Feel free to join us for getting effective yet affordable business and personal investigation services catering to your need. Call us now!

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